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Petit Vour Beauty Subscription Box: May Review

Petit Vour Beauty Subscription Box: May Review

Do you remember last month how I was really wishing for some sun care products in the upcoming beauty box? Well, I don’t know if Petit Vour was reading my mind or what, but I was so excited to see some of the things that I was wishing for in this month’s beauty box! As we kick off summer its always important to re evaluate your skincare routine and make sure it is up to the challenge of all the sunshine it will receive. In my book, a daily face SPF and nightly antioxidant serum is a must during the summer months. If you are in need pf a good face SPF I have got an awesome one to share with you today from this past month’s beauty box, just keep on reading!

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Suntegrity Impeccable Skin Moisturizing Face Sunscreen - Tinted SPF 30

If you have been following along with my blog for a while, you will know that I love this brand and 100% stand by the amazingness of their tinted moisturizer/sunscreen. Well, imagine my extremely pleasant surprise when I found a new and improved formulation in this month’s beauty box! You guys, I did not think that their previous product could be improved upon but boy was I wrong! This face sunscreen is truly all in one - it moisturizes, is the perfect shade (it comes in 5 different shades) for blurring out any skin imperfections, and if has 30 SPF! After putting it on I seriously look like I have been airbrushed, no joke! I have been trying out another such product from a different brand (which I have liked), and when it runs out I will be for sure switching to this, and I doubt going back! Bottom Line: All in one product for foundation coverage, moisturizing, and sun protection. Well worth the money!

Cost: $55

OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream

OSEA is another brand that I use regularly and love! This particular product is a lightweight moisturizer that absorbs into skin easily and does not leave any sort of greasy residue. In fact, the lotion leaves somewhat of a matte finish so for me it doubles as a makeup primer! OSEA products are also unique in that they use organic algae in their products which has been shown to have many great skin benefits. The atmosphere protection cream uses this algae in addition to shea butter and avocado oil to provide a layer of protection on the skin to stand up to environmental factors such as wind and air pollutants that can dry out and damage skin. I love this product and I have been using it regularly in my skincare regimen for about a year now. Bottom Line: This product is great for aging skin and for those that live in areas of high elevation or increased air pollution.

Cost: $48

BKind Sensitive Skin Face Scrub

After a week full of sickness and sniffles, I tried this scrub out at the perfect time. After excessive Kleenex use due to the cold that wouldn’t end, my nose was super dry, red, and sensitive. I tried out this face scrub one evening to see if this would help with the dry irritated skin around my nose. It was definitely a gentle scrub, did not feel harsh or too abrasive on my skin at all. The primary exfoliating ingredients are cranberry seed and hibiscus flower powder and the small particles did a great job of removing dead skin cells and making my skin feel nice and smooth. It had more of a gentle polishing type feel rather than an exfoliation since the particles were so small. My skin also felt so calm and moisturized afterwards which was a nice bonus! In fact, it was so moisturized that I didn’t even need to use a nightly moisturizer afterwards! For a reasonably priced scrub such as this one, I think it is a great product! Bottom Line: Will not completely resurface your skin but is a nice gentle scrub that will leave your skin soft and smooth. Great for routine use, sensitive skin, and skin maintenance.

Cost: $25

Lavido Thera Intensive Foot Cream

Oooh la la was my first thought upon seeing this! The first evening after receiving my box I put this on my feet and covered them in socks for a little deep moisturizing foot therapy! After several hours my felt so soft. Another bonus is that the cream contains tea tree oil which not only deodorizes feet but can help rid feet of bacteria that may cause nail or skin infections! Overall this was certainly a treat for my feet and I am looking forward to using it to keep my feet in sandal wearing shape, but at a little under $30 for a foot cream, it is a little pricey in my book. In my opinion, a nice $10 body butter would do just as well! Bottom Line: Great foot cream for summer but a bit of a splurge.

Cost: $28

Since the powers that be apparently heard me last time, I am going to go ahead and let you all know what I am hoping to see in this coming month’s box. I would love to see some summer makeup colors… a blush or lipstick in a peachy or coral color would be so fun!

Petit Vour Beauty Subscription Box: June 2019 Review

Petit Vour Beauty Subscription Box: June 2019 Review

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