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Petit Vour Beauty Subscription Box: June 2019 Review

Petit Vour Beauty Subscription Box: June 2019 Review

Well guess what I just realized? It has been over a year since I started blogging reviews for the Petit Vour Beauty Box and thus, I am starting to overlap on some of my titles requiring me to mention both the year and month now… so crazy!! When I first began posting clean beauty reviews in 2018 I did not realize both how much I would enjoy it and also how much it would change my life! Being passionate about non toxic beauty has lead to me making all sorts of chemical free related choices, both with my makeup and personal care products as well as in many other areas of life, it is a passion that I hope I will continue passing down to my girls.

Anyhow… I am super behind on posting my reviews so this is why the June box is being posted in the middle of July!! We went on vacation at the end of June, then of course the 4th Of July holiday happened, and well I just never caught up! But a lot of down time was had and man it was much needed. So let’s ramp it back up now and get to the June Petit Vour Beauty Box… I have a little bit of mixed reviews about it, see why below!

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Pacifica Cherry Matte Mattifying Primer

Out of the box I thought this would be my favorite product by far. It smelled absolutely great, which I loved, until I realized that this fragrance was not completely natural when I saw the “parfum” ingredient listed on the product! After trying it out for the first time, I was still left with a bit of mixed emotions. I applied the product to a clean face and then let it dry before a day at Disneyland (a hot one at that) to see how it would stand up. While the primer was easy to apply, it continued to flake off when I proceeded with my makeup routine. Putting any sort of force whatsoever onto my skin made the primer “peel off” in places and left my skin looking like it was super dry and flaky. I spent an extra 15 minutes cleaning up this excess and continuing on with my makeup routine before heading out for the day. Now the good part: my makeup did indeed hold up all day long out in the hot California sun, much more so than it would have without the primer! I will continue to use the product this summer as I was sent a generous size and see if I can come up with either a better way to apply it or use a smaller amount that maybe won’t lead to the product rubbing off and update this review if necessary! Bottom Line: This primer helped my makeup last much longer but was very tedious to apply due to the product rubbing off after drying.

Cost: $13 for 1 Fl. Oz.

FiOR Minerals Organic Eyeliner

I have been getting into doing eye makeup more and more lately so I was excited to try this new eyeliner. I love that the eyeliner is 100% vegan and natural and has lots of moisturizing and soothing ingredients like jojoba oil, sunflower oil, rosehips oil, and cucumber oil to name just a few! The pencil draws on smooth and precise while the pigment (which comes in 6 shades) is dark and rich. This was by far my favorite product in the box! Bottom Line: This natural eyeliner is smooth, moisturizing and richly pigmented and great for sensitive eyes.

Cost: $18

YUNI Shower Sheets

When I first saw these in the box I thought surely these are eco friendly in some way because the idea of freshening wipes, while a good one, seems really wasteful! Well much to my delight these wipes are both biodegradable and compostable! I received one wipe in the box and used it on a day where we were at the lake for a good part of the day before heading out to dinner with friends so I was able to freshen up quickly in between and I must say I liked being able to do that! Don’t get me wrong, it certainly does not replace a shower in my book, but is nice to just remove traces of dirt and leave you smelling nice (but not overpowering). The wipes also contain neem oil for antibacterial properties and peppermint for invigorating the senses. Bottom Line: These freshening wipes are good for post workout, running to a social gathering after work or any other time when your body could use a quick clean, plus their eco friendly design means no guilt involved!

Cost: $1.50 for single wipes or $15 for a package of 12

Goldfaden MD Detox Hydrating Gel

The name of this product had me intrigued as the thought of a hydrating gel seemed to be soothing during these hot Southern California summer days! This hydrating gel promises to hydrate skin while also preventing future breakouts and leaving you with a glowing complexion. While I am not typically prone to breakouts so I can not speak to that claim, my experience with the product was a little underwhelming. The gel did moisturize I suppose, but my skin certainly didn’t feel supple and in fact felt somewhat sticky afterwards. It did not feel nice and balanced either, as it claims, due to the stickiness involved. I am thinking perhaps this would be a good product for those with oily skin who are prone to breakouts as other reviews have suggested that, but this is just not my skin type so I can not know for sure. Bottom Line: This hydrating gel is a bit expensive and left my skin feeling somewhat sticky and my experience lackluster, however based on other reviews it shows promise for those with oily and acne prone skin.

Cost: $68 for 1.7 Oz.

Goldfaden MD Needle-less Smoothing Face Serum

Call me crazy, but when I first viewed this product online before trying it out I already made the snap decision to not love it solely based on the price. Now, I promise I have nothing against this brand, I want to love the products its just that I have yet to find anything from this line that I love. To be honest, this product didn’t seem all too bad for me, it did seem to plump my skin a bit, but it truly is hard to tell with the small sample size that was given. And at the price point, it certainly did not wow me enough to be purchasing a full sized bottle. The main ingredients in this product - hyaluroic acid and carrageenan (a type of seaweed) are both known to attract water and this means that they can plump up and tighten skin. With this said, I think the product has great potential perhaps but there is likely a similar product for less money out there. Bottom Line: This face serum does seem to show some promise in plumping and tightening skin but it’s hard to tell without a full sized bottle and long term results…. which is too pricey for me!

Cost: $115 for 1 Fl. Oz.

See now where those mixed emotions came from!? And since I am about a month behind I have already peeked the contents of the July Box and guys…. it’s definitely a winner!!! Stay tuned…

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