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The 12 Best Amazon Alexa Skills For Healthy Living

The 12 Best Amazon Alexa Skills For Healthy Living

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Okay, please tell me that my family is not the only one who has pretty much given Alexa a cemented position within the family?  We lovingly refer to her often and my girls boss her around just like they do their mother... so it seems to be official, Alexa is one of us!  I will say my two most favorite features of Alexa is her ability to play music on my command (and Trolls Motion Picture Soundtrack on the the girls command), and to set a timer for the dinner that's in the oven or the child that's waiting to be released from the restraining clutches of time out.  But these two awesome features aside, Alexa is helpful in so many other ways, including in my favorite category: Health & Fitness.  Health & Fitness encompasses not only diet and exercise, but healthy mental and emotional well being also.  Read on to see how my friend Alexa can help you in living the best version of yourself!

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1. Guided Meditation: Meditation Of The Day For Calm

This meditation skill guides you through different selections of meditations every day that vary from between 3-8 minutes long.  There are more than 60 different guided meditations which can help with anxiety, stress, depression, focus, compassion, falling asleep, and much more!

2. Five Minute Workout: Core & Cardio

If you have five minutes to spare you have no excuse not to get a quick cardio and core workout in!  It may be only five minutes but your sure to work up a quick sweat and finish feeling accomplished!

3. Make Me Smile

Let's face it, we could all use a little cheer in our lives from time to time.  With this skill ask Alexa to make you smile and she will give you a positive and happy fact or story to help brighten your mood and day!

4. Nutrition Label

With this skill set you can ask Alexa about specific foods and their nutritional content including calories, fat, protein and much more!  Helps with making healthy choices in the kitchen for sure!

5. Meditation Studio

With multiple meditation categories and variations, this is another one of Alexa's highly rated mediation skills to help you with anxiety, stress, focus and relaxing!

6. 5- Minute Plank Workout

In 5 minutes you can get a full body workout with 6 sets.... amazing!  Alexa can even play music in the background to this intense five minute workout.  

The moves are as follows:
60 sec - full plank
30 sec - elbow plank
20 sec - raised leg plank (each leg)
30 sec - side plank (each side)
30 sec - full plank
30 sec - elbow plank

10 sec rest after each set"

7. Mayo Clinic First Aid

Now, this skill should certainly not take the place of seeking professional medical care, however with minor illnesses or injuries it always helps to know that you are providing the right care for yourself or someone else.

Examples of questions you can ask in this skill include:
- “How do I treat my baby’s fever?”
- “Tell me about spider bites”
- “Help for a burn”
- “How to treat a cut”

8. Healthy Habits

Daily health tips and motivation for living and being the best version of yourself!  

9. 7- Minute Workout

Yet another full body workout that you can do in a very short amount of time, no excuses for not having time to squeeze a workout into your day!  This one would be a good one to get your morning started off on the right foot and get your metabolism started for the day!


10. The American Heart Association

One of the most important skills that a person can learn is that of CPR, it is truly a life saving skill.  This skill set allows you to be able to review and refresh the steps for CPR so you can always be ready.  You can also ask Alexa what the warning signs and symptoms of a stroke and heart attack are which are extremely important pieces of information to know as well.  While this skill should not take the place of professional medical evaluations or assistance, but it is certainly nice to have this information at your fingertips.

11. Organic Carrot

If you live in a bigger city with access to farmers markets I highly recommend this skill, it will help you locate markets and give you as much detail about them as possible.  This allows you to be able to try and buy fresh and from the source as much as possible!  

This skill can provide the following details when available: 
- name of the farmers' market
- distance from city center
- products offered (if available)
- schedule (if known)

12. H20-Pal

If you are anything like me, drinking water is something you need to be reminded of often.  Many times we get so busy in our lives that we forget to stay hydrated, yet it is one of the most important things to keeping our body healthy!  This skill has a coordinating phone app which allows you to tell Alexa when you have consumed water and the app then helps document and keep track of your daily water intake, you can set goals and find out how close you are meeting those goals each day.  This Alexa app can be synced with a FitBit as well!

Do any of you have any other Alexa skills you would add to this list?  Have you used any of the ones mentioned here?  If you have I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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