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5 Amazing Subscription Boxes That Are Actually Good For You

5 Amazing Subscription Boxes That Are Actually Good For You

It seems that the phrase "There's A Subscription Box For That" applies to just about everything under the sun these days.  Between my husband and I (and even my girls too), we have tried out our fair share of subscription boxes- some good, some okay, and some that were a complete waste of money.   With so many options out there, I thought it would be nice to put together a small list of boxes that are actually good for you and for living a healthy lifestyle.  Because, let's be honest, there is nothing better than a box of good-for-you products arriving to your doorstep without you having to lift a finger (well except for the part where you type in your credit card info LOL).  I wanted to keep the list here small to allow more room for details that way you can get a good feel for what these boxes are like and decide for yourself if it is something you are interested in.

 **Disclaimer** I was sent these boxes free of charge to review on my website, but the opinions I give here are 100% my own and I have not been told what to say by any company.  Please message myself or the companies directly if you have questions that are not answered here in this post.  I hope you all enjoy hearing about these fun boxes!


1. GoodBeing

Goodbeing is an amazing subscription box service for those that are beginning the process of switching out traditional (typically chemical filled) products in their home to that of the more natural variety.  This is a monthly subscription box of which you can pick either the Beauty Box or the Lifestyle Box.  The Beauty Box features exclusively beauty products such as face,  body, and hair care products as well as makeup, nail polish, fragrances, and other beauty accessories.  The Lifestyle Box is a blend of beauty, wellness and lifestyle products which can include makeup, personal care products, supplements, and other non toxic lifestyle products.  You can also choose the size of your box, either the mini size which will include 1-2 products dependent on size and has an estimated value of $15-$20, or the standard size which will include 4-5 products and has an estimated value of $45-$65.  The cost of each mini box is $9.95 on the monthly plan and the standard box is $24.95 on the monthly plan.  If you wish to sign up for a longer term plan you can prepay and receive a discount.  You can manage your membership with Goodbeing from your account on the computer where you can place your membership on hold or cancel it altogether as long a you do so prior to the next billing period.

I had the pleasure of trying out the Beauty Box and one thing that I loved about it is that you first fill out a profile where you describe your skin type, hair type, color preferences, fragrance preferences, etc.  This way the company tries to match up all the products sent to you based on your preferences so you don't get products that you don't like or can't use.  Another thing that I loved is that for the standard size box you get to pick out 1-2 products each month that you want to try (this is rare for a subscription box service)!  The boxes not only come with some amazing products but also information cards for each product telling you how to use the products along with what benefits you can expect from the product, the price point of the full sized product as well as what the value of the size of the product you were sent is.  With each box you will also receive a card with your Member Only Special Offers which is a list of the companies that have agreed to offer a special discount to Goodbeing members for the month so you can purchase more of what you love at a special price!  Below I will share with you the things that were in my box this month and the wonderful people at Goodbeing also have a few great special gift offers going on right now that I will pass along to you because everyone loves a free gift, right!?

My February Goodbeing Box:

- Z Skin Daytime Eye Cream

- Curandera Remedies Therapeutic Eau De Parfum in Majmua

- ReChoc Resveratrol Chocolate (Soooo delicious by the way!)

- Pangea Organics Brazilian Brown Sugar with Cocoa Butter Body Polish

- Good Medicine Beauty Lab Every Little Thing Balm (This stuff is amazing!)

- Au Naturale Cosmetics Cream Shadow In Ivory (Just the right color choice for me!)

Free Gift Offers:

 Free Gift #1:
Give (or get) this darling bonus trio ($99 value) with any new 6-Month Standard Gift Membership or 6-Month Standard Regular Membership.  

  • Tizz & Tonic €14 Gift Certificate good for a FREE pair of Organic Underwear

  • Kahina Giving Beauty Essaouira Perfume Oil

  • Rechoc Reservatrol Dark Chocolate


Free Gift #2:

Give (or get) this 5-piece bonus gift set ($84 value) with any new 6-Month Standard Gift Membership or 6-Month Standard Regular Membership. 

  • Urbana Sacs Small Creative Sac (colors vary)

  • Aimee Raupp Green Goddess Mask & Bamboo Fan Brush

  • Lyeska Facial Cleanser

  • Rechoc Reservatrol Dark Chocolate

Free Gift #3:

Give (or get) a Lyeska Facial Cleanser ($38 value) with any new Standard Gift Membership or Regular Standard Membership. 

Check Out Goodbeing by clicking HERE

Bottom Line: This box is for those that want to be introduced to natural and nontoxic beauty and lifestyle brands that are matched specifically to your needs and tastes.


2. Urthbox

Are you trying to make the switch to healthier eating but just don't know where to start?  Let Urthbox help you out with that by delivering a box of Organic, Non-GMO, Healthy snacks, beverages and products to you every month.  Unlike other subscription boxes, Urthbox delivers full sized products and they also have a variety of options to choose from.  You can select both the type and size of box you want.


- Classic

- Gluten-Free

- Diet

- Vegan

Size (free shipping to US addresses):

- Mini (6 + snacks at $19.99 per month)

- Small (12 + snacks at $29.99 per month)

- Medium (18+ snacks at $39.99 per month)

- Large (25+ snacks at $49.99 per month)

Another great feature that I absolutely love about this company is the option to order an "office box" for $199 per month which includes over 100+ snacks and will serve 5-10 employees.  If you are a small business owner (let's say a dentist perhaps hahaha) or if you just want to treat your coworkers... what better way to do that than to provide a months worth of healthy snack options to prevent grabbing that can of soda and cookies to get you through that mid day slump!

Each box will also come with coupons for some of the featured products that you can use at your normal grocer to repurchase products you enjoyed or you can visit the Urthbox shop where you can purchase products at a discount as well as earn loyalty points you can then redeem for more free product!  You can set up your subscription to be billed monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly and the membership is able to be cancelled at any time by simply sending an email to the address listed on their site.  

My February Box was a great one and some of my favorite snacks included the freeze dried organic grapes (the girls loved these), the pumpkin seeds (something I never would have thought to buy on my own but they were such filling snack), the flava bar (umm... yummm), and the popcorn (enjoyed during a family movie night).  There were so many good snacks that my family and I are still working through them a few weeks later, definitely a good deal for the price!

Check out Urthbox for yourself HERE

Bottom Line: Great for healthy eating snacks in specific diet categories and those that want to routinely be introduced to new "good for you" foods and brands.


3. Graze

This subscription box is perfect for those that enjoy having "on-the-go" snacks readily available.  Whether it be for between meals, running errands, at work, or while you are watching the game, Graze snacks have you covered with over 100 varieties of snacks.  The box will contain 8 pre packaged snacks that you can choose to receive weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  The cost per box is a low $13.99 and when you sign up you can get your first box at half price!  To provide feedback you can leave a rating after trying out the snacks to help fine tune your selections for your next box.  The more boxes you get, the more the snacks should reflect your absolute favorite varieties.  Graze also has a store on their website where you can order a full box (6 Count Box or Multi-Serve Bag) of your favorites to have on stock at home.  

Here are some of the other awesome features of Graze:

- Nutritionist Approved Snacks

- No Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives

- No High Fructose Corn Syrup

- Made With Wholesome, No GM Ingredients

Graze also makes it very easy to modify your subscription, you can halt orders and pick a date to resume service, or you can cancel your subscription altogether by going into your account on their website and clicking "manage recurring order".  As with many subscription services you will need to make any changes by a certain cut off date to ensure that those changes are reflective for the current month.

As far as the box I got to try, my husband and I agreed all 8 snacks were delicious and on top of that they were unique snacks that we couldn't necessarily pick up at the grocery store so we looked forward to that aspect every time, it made it seem even more like a treat!

Head HERE to check out Graze for yourself!

Bottom Line: Great For On The Go, Nutritious & Unique Snacks


4. Petit Vour

Petit Vour is not only a one stop shop for a multitude of beauty and lifestyle items that are cruelty free and follow high ethical standards, but they also offer a monthly beauty subscription box that delivers cruelty free, non toxic, plant based, and top shelf products right to your door.  Each month you receive four beauty products (with an estimated value of $45-$65) that meet Petit Vour's high standards in the categories of makeup, skincare, haircare, and body care.  The cost for the box is $18 per month if you purchase on a monthly basis or $15 per box/$180 if you purchase the annual membership (these prices are for USA residents, other pricing applies for worldwide memberships).  The membership is able to be easily cancelled at any time prior to the next billing cycle.

As mentioned above, this company sets very high standards and the curation process for product inclusion under the Petit Vour umbrella has four steps.  To be included the product must have high (top-shelf) performance, must be made with safe ingredients (including no animal ingredients whatsoever), must be ethically manufactured with a highly transparent company, and must be aesthetically pleasing.  Outside of these very high and wonderful standards, there are other great features of this company.  One such feature is that they offer you loyalty points for reviewing the products in your box that then accumulate and turn into dollars off of your future purchases.  Another great feature is that once you sign up for a membership with Petit Vour you will fill out a beauty profile which requests specific information about your skin, hair, and color preferences.  The more they know about you, the better selection of products you will receive tailored to your specific beauty needs.  And I can't overstate the fact enough that this is more than just a box subscription company, it is an all encompassing company and website to help you live healthy and cruelty free!  Read below to find out what was included in my most recent beauty box.

My February Petit Vour Box:

- Elate Cosmetics Creme Revealer

- Derma-E Purifying Daily Detox Scrub With Activated Charcoal

- Red Apple Lipstick Lip Liner

- Zabana Essentials Tamanu Calendula Healing Anti-Blemish Face Balm

I can't speak highly enough about every single one of these products... definitely top of the line!  In fact, I have been loving and believe in this company so much that I have become an affiliate, you can use my affiliate link HERE to read more about this company and Beauty Box! (Affiliate Links mean that I will make a small commission off of sales without any extra cost to you, as always I sincerely appreciate the support I receive when you use my links)

Bottom Line: For those that want to try out natural products without sacrificing efficacy and aesthetics


5. Rosehive

Rosehive is a very unique subscription in the sense that it's focus is to bring to you superfoods, foods that are packed dense with nutrients and ready to take your body to its full potential!  In each box you will receive 1 superfood snack, 1 herb, 1 drink, 1 superfood powder, 1 cooking ingredient, and 1 recipe card along with a few surprises.  Think matcha, bee pollen, spirulina, blue algae, mushrooms, chia seeds... these are all superfoods that may make their appearance in your box.  And the best part?  The box comes a long with an abundance of information, specifically information about what you will find inside your box, what makes these items nutritious, and recipe and use suggestions.

A monthly subscription is $34.95 per month and a 6 month subscription is $32.50 per month.  Shipping is included in this rate and you are able to skip or cancel your subscription at any time.  Do you know what else is great about Rosehive?  Their website contains a blog/recipe section that contains recipes and articles about nutrients, super foods, and ways to live a healthy life!  I am head over heels in love with this company and you should definitely check them out!

For my February box I will have to say I was in love with all the products!  As you can see in the photo below the Baobab superfood was a big component of this month's box and man it's a tasty one.  We have made many smoothies with the powder and those BaoBites were gone within minutes of opening the box!  The electrolyte drink was great for post workout and the golden berries are great for our oatmeals and smoothie bowls.  The power crackers were thoroughly enjoyed by my husband and were quite savory and the Neuro Gum is something I never would have purchased on my own but totally love.  I use it when I need a little boost towards the middle of the day and it absolutely gives me a little jolt of sustained energy, a total winner!  And let's not forget the shaker bottle that was included in the box along with the protein powder drink... you can never have too many of these in my opinion because I feel that a protein shake at any point in the day is a great choice!

If you want to try out Rosehive for yourself they are offering 15% off to my readers by using the code COLORYOURHEALTH

Head HERE to check out Rosehive!

Bottom Line: Great For Foodies With A Desire To Live & Eat Healthy

If you are looking for a new subscription box, you can not go wrong with any of these five... all great products from great companies!  All of these boxes would be great to start off your spring with... fresh start to a heathy life to go along with your spring cleaning! And speaking of spring, I CAN NOT WAIT!!  Anyone else!??

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