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My Top Five Favorites: February

My Top Five Favorites: February

Happy Hump Day!  On this final day of the month of love, I thought I would share with you a few of the things I have been loving this month.  A few are new to me while a few I have been loving on for a while.  While material possessions are not what life is all about, it is fun to have things that make us happy while we are spending time doing the things that truly matter!  Hope you all find some joy in my February Favorites!

1. Gwyneth Paltrow's Cookbook: It's All Easy

I have found so many awesome recipes in this book, she uses fresh ingredients to put together a wide range of foods, most being able to be pulled together quickly. Some of my favorite recipes include Almond Orange Overnight Oats, Chicken Wonton Soup and Asparagus Mimosa.  To see more of this awesome recipe book click the link HERE

2. DermaFlash


I am totally addicted to face masks and I have found the key to getting amazing and optimal results from my face mask every time... using a derma planer before applying my masks! I started out using this less expensive variety by Tweezerman (which you can view HERE) but wanted to see if I could get better results with a more advanced (and with that comes more $$) version.  It takes the very top layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz off of your face with a small razor blade, this makes your skin brighter and smoother and also allows skin products like masks and serums to be more effective by penetrating deeper into the skin since they aren’t held up by the dead skin layer.  The results are professional quality and amazing, see the product and read the reviews HERE

3. Polishing Body Brush (Dry Brush)


This is a wonderful beauty accessory to have especially during these dry winter months. Benefits include the obvious exfoliation of dead skin cells but also it helps to unclog pores, release toxins, and stimulates your lymphatic and circulatory systems.  This brush is easy to handle and makes the process of brushing the skin easy, you can take a closer look HERE 

4. Bkr "Big" Water Bottle


 32 oz.I always want to drink more water but I am so bad about refilling my bottle when I’m at work.  Because of this I usually take a 21 oz bottle with me to work and that’s all I end up drinking all day long.  Well this year I decided I needed to really concentrate on my water intake so I’ve been on the search of a large water bottle that is made of non toxic materials and is dishwasher safe and pleasing to the eye... well my friends I found it in this one.  While this 32 oz glass bottle can be a bit heavy, I don’t mind at all because it helps me to get more water in daily without needing to drink from a plastic bottle!  There are several colors to choose from and you can see them all HERE

5. Boden Long Sleeve Breton

If you have read any snippets of my blog at all then you know that I love color!!  Well, what you may also  be surprised to know is that I am also a fan with basic striped clothing... especially black and white stripes.  Stores win me over all the time by selling something comfortable in stripes, I just can't control myself LOL!  Well I cam across this shirt when I received a Boden catalog in the mail a few weeks ago (well played Boden, well played)... and I am in complete LOVE!!  The comfort and style is just amazing and is quickly becoming a staple in my wardrobe!  Check out this shirt and other color varieties  HERE

And with that, let's wrap up February and look towards the Spring weather and blooming nature of March!

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