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How To Make Essential Oil Perfume: "Bloom" Fragrance

How To Make Essential Oil Perfume: "Bloom" Fragrance

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Okay guys... this is going to be one of my absolute favorite DIY recipes to date.  I have always been a little obsessed with perfumes and with the thought of owning a perfume lab and creating them for fun.  That is until I read about all the chemicals in perfumes and lab created fragrances that may even be harmful for your lungs... and well at that point store bought perfume lost its charm for me.  So I have been working on getting together a perfume recipe to share with you all.  I have set up my own little perfume lab in my closet and after a lot of trial and error I have come up with several fragrances that I throughly enjoy!  Today I will share with you my basic recipe for perfume, some perfume creation resources , as well as my first fragrance... Bloom!

Ingredients & Supplies Needed  

2 oz. Perfume Atomizer ( you can use other sizes just adjust the ingredients accordingly)

8 Teaspoons 91% (or higher percentage) Isopropyl Alcohol

1/2 Teaspoon Distilled Water

Essential Oils


Mini Funnel

10 mL Glass Roller Bottles

How To Make DIY Perfume using Essential Oils, Bloom Is The Essence Of Springtime Bottled, Filled With An Uplifting, Floral Fragrance

Essential Oils For "Bloom" Fragrance

For 25% Concentration (Highest Potency of Fragrance)

90 Drops Sandalwood Essential Oil

30 Drops Neroli Essential Oil

60 Drops Jasmine Essential Oil

60 Drops Orange Essential Oil

For For 15% Concentration (Moderately Potency of Fragrance)

58 Drops Sandalwood Essential Oil

20 Drops Neroli Essential Oil

40 Drops Jasmine Essential Oil

40 Drops Orange Essential Oil

Essential Oil Perfume Recipe  

How To Make DIY Perfume using Essential Oils, Bloom Is The Essence Of Springtime Bottled, Filled With An Uplifting, Floral Fragrance
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Let me start by saying that although this recipe is very easy, I have done so much of the backward and trial and error for you to make it easy... what I will give you is the basic directions here for making any perfume but if you want to try your hand at mixing your own fragrance combination read below for some great resources and how I arrived at this recipe you are reading today!

Okay, so this particular recipe is for a perfume (as opposed to a eau de parfume, eau de toilette, or body spray) which means it will be strong and it will require more essential oils than other recipes might... but the trade off is that it smells heavenly and lasts much longer!  You can always adjust the strength by playing with the ratios of ingredients - just keep in mind these principles: a 2 oz atomizer bottle is the same as 60mL and will hold approximately 1020 total drops.  To determine the strength of the perfume you would do some simple math and divide your total drops of essential oils by the total drops (of all ingredients) in the bottle.  Perfumes have anywhere from a 15-30% concentration to be considered perfumes as opposed to the other types of fragrances listed above.

So, now that you know how I did my math - here you go, a simple recipe for an outstanding perfume.  Simply use a small funnel to add in all the required drops of essential oils into your CLEAN atomizer bottle.  Now using the funnel again, add in your 8 tsp of alcohol and 1/2 teaspoon of distilled water.  The water will give your perfume a little more staying power but if you add too much your perfume will become cloudy.  Therefore, if you are using a lower concentration than the 25% mentioned above you may end up with a small amount of room still at the top of your bottle, you can choose to leave it as is or you can add more alcohol to fill the remainder - do not add more water.  The alcohol is basically a "carrier" for your oils - a way to take the small amount of oils and disperse them into the air and onto your body.  You will not smell the alcohol on yourself as it will evaporate within seconds of coming out of the  bottle.

Okay, easy enough right!!??  Now you can walk through your days smelling like the dawn of spring - you're welcome!  Just be careful.... this perfume (the 25% concentration that is) is potent so 1-2 sprays is all that is needed which means this bottle will last you a long time!  I usually like to spray one spray in my hair and one on my wrists and that way when it has worn off of my wrists (as this happens naturally after a few hours), I still smell nice and fresh because the fragrance lingers on hair or clothing (with that said I do shy away from spraying it directly on my clothes, it should be fine to do so I just prefer to not do that).  Read on below to see some resources for creating your own perfume!

Perfume Creation Resources 

So as I mentioned before, I did a lot of research that helped me to arrive at a few great perfume fragrances (I'll share other varieties soon I promise!).  My absolute favorite resource is How To Blend A Perfume Using Essential Oils from There's An EO For That 

The post mentioned above encourages you to start first mixing a few drops at a time in small roller bottles so you can make sure you like the fragrance first before making a whole bottle.  This is the part that I did in my little closet lab, I had about 25 little bottles (all labeled as that is the most important part so that you know what is in each bottle!) stashed in my closet to each of which I had added the basic base, middle, and top notes.  I was like the mad scientist in there, I would open up the bottles (a few everyday so that I wouldn't get the smells mixed up in my mind) smell them and make any additions as needed, recap and leave them until the next evaluation.  Once I got to the point where I would open the bottle and love what I smelled I would consider it "done" and ready to try it out in full size.  

You can read more about top, middle, and base notes from the post I mentioned above, or you can also view some of these awesome Pinterest infographics which I loved referring to when mixing my fragrances. 

Hope you all enjoy this awesome recipe and look forward to more perfume recipes in the near future - be sure to leave a comment below if there are any fragrance combinations that you would like me to try out!

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