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Put Your Essential Oils To Use With This Easy Body Spray Recipe

Put Your Essential Oils To Use With This Easy Body Spray Recipe

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Raise your hand if you were a past Bath and Body Works/ Victoria's Secret body spray lover until you found out the gross chemicals that were lurking in that bottle?  I admit until very recently I was as well.  And let me just say for those of you still on that train- I am not here to preach that those are toxic, I am just here to show you that there is an easy and all natural way to make these types of sprays yourself.  Here today I will share with you a base recipe for a body spray that you can then customize to your scent preference.   As scent preferences differ from person to person, I encourage you to try out your own combinations to find what you enjoy the most.  The easiest way to do this without having to waste a lot of essential oils is to place the smallest ratio of drops possible for the scent combination you are wanting to try out into a very small vial or on a cotton ball.  Test this out by placing the open vial or cotton ball in between your cupped hands and inhaling.  If you like the scent but fear it is too strong you will likely be satisfied with the end product as the scent will be diluted among the alcohol and water.  Do some experimenting with mixing scents and ratios until you find what you love, this rarely happens on the first try.  The combinations I will share here took me over 10 tries between the two of them until I was satisfied with the end result.  Full disclosure- these sprays will not turn out to be as strong and as "fruity" and vibrant as ones sold in stores, but to me this is a small tradeoff for knowing that you are not placing chemicals all over your body everyday.  And who knows, maybe you might find a combination of scents that you like even better than the ones sold in stores!  Happy Making!

Love body sprays but hate the chemicals? Check out this easy DIY for an all natural solution!


Ingredients and Supplies Needed

Distilled Water

Alcohol (like Vodka) or Witch Hazel

Vegetable Glycerine

40-50 drops of Essential Oils

4 oz glass spray bottle (or customize based on ratio of ingredients for other sized bottle)

Optional: Mini Funnel

DIY  Essential Oil Body Spray Recipe Base

Like many of my recipes, I am all about estimating and eyeballing quantities as a way of making things simple and easy and less chance of introducing bacteria into your products and you can read more about that here.  For this recipe, you will want to visually break up your bottle into thirds.  Begin by filling the bottle two thirds full with your choice of alcohol or witch hazel.  Next fill the bottle with distilled water up until you reach the area just below the neck (or skinny part) of the bottle.  You will then place one or two good squeezes of vegetable glycerine into the bottle.  The vegetable glycerine helps not only to moisturize the skin it is applied to, but it keeps the scent on your skin longer due to the body and weight it adds to the spray. And lastly, add your essential oils of choice.  For a body spray you want to shoot for a concentration of essential oils to about 40-50 drops per 4 ounces.  Again, you can customize the amount needed according to the size of your bottle.  Store the bottle out of direct sunlight and make sure to shake the bottle before applying to evenly distribute the oils.  If you are placing this directly on your skin and are using a high concentration of photosensitive oils (mainly citrusy oils like lemon, grapefruit and bergamot) you will want to be sure to cover this area with clothing or wear sunscreen.  

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As a side note, some recipes for body spray call for more water than alcohol while some say vice versa.  In my opinion, and what I have discovered personally, is that the higher water concentration diminishes the scent greatly and leaves your clothing a bit damp (although short lived).  The alcohol in these recipes will evaporate quickly upon spraying leaving only the scent remaining and no concerns with dampening clothing.  If you smell a strong alcohol smell at first it should dissipate within a few minutes.  Also, for those wondering, this recipe will be similar to perfume although perfume will have a higher essential oil ratio to make the scent stronger and less water will be used.  Once I have a winning perfume recipe I will be sure to share it!   

Love body sprays but hate the chemicals? Check out this easy DIY for an all natural solution!

Body Spray Scent Combinations


Earth's Garden

4 Patchouli

4 Cedarwood

4 Vetiver

8 Joy

8 Grapefruit

8 Bergamont

12 Orange


Citrus Flower

24 Citrus Blend

12 Geranium

12 Ylang Ylang

Want more scent combinations?  Check out this post for blends for the fall season!

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