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Truth: I used to be a strong proponent of Young Living essential oils.... now before I go further let me clarify, I still do like Young Living a whole lot and believe that they make remarkable essential oils.... I just don't love the prices!  If you have the money to spare I highly recommend going with Young Living but I could never in a million years "sell" them to people that can't justify the price because I know the cost is steep.  I would tell people that they could buy them from me and that I used them and loved them... but ultimately I never pushed it because of the price.  With that said, I still don't "push" essential oils, it's either something you want to try, or it's not.  Either way is totally fine.  But while I have been going through this internal struggle of if I should, or should not sell Young Living essential oils, I came across another brand that I also feel great about, Plant Therapy.  

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After much research, I feel good about the type of quality oils they produce and I certainly feel good about the price point.  If you would like to read more about this company you can view their website or you can also read this very thorough review and testament that I found from Essential Oil Haven.  I love the fact that you can read their 3rd party test reports and authenticity verification for each batch made right on the website, I feel great about working with a company that has that amount of transparency.  As far as "therapeutic grade" oils go, I would definitely consider Plant Therapy oils to fall into this category.  Please keep in mind that I never recommend ingestion of essential oils, so by therapeutic grade I mean for both diffusing and topical use. Want to learn more (I KNOW you do!!), click on the image below to see Plant Therapy’s Top 50 Essential Oils and take a look at the awesome prices for yourself!

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Ultimately, as I always say, you need to do what you feel is right for you.  For me, using both essential oils companies is what feels right, especially knowing that I have a large growing audience of people looking up to me and taking my opinion seriously... I want you to know that there are options.  There is not a right or wrong answer, but rather choices!  The most important thing to me is that if you are feeling inspired to try out essential oils I do not want to let cost be the thing that hold you back!  With that said I want to note the fact that you will see me using both Young Living and PlantTherapy oils in my photos because of the fact that I like and stand by both companies.  I know this may be confusing to some and there are some out there who will question my loyalty to the company... but in the end it is my personal choice and one that I share with you in all honesty.  Please if you ever have any questions regarding either brand or about oils in general get in contact with me!