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15 Natural Fall Decor Elements For Budget Friendly Decorating

15 Natural Fall Decor Elements For Budget Friendly Decorating

Have I ever told you guys how much I love fall?? I grew up in the Midwest and the falls there were so insanely beautiful that I have always had a fond place in my heart for it. My husband and I got married in the fall per my request, and my girls were born in the fall… not necessarily my request but I was ecstatic! Fall just gives me all the warm and fuzzy feels and I can not wait to have a home of our own to decorate for the season!

This year, my family will be coming to visit us right before Thanksgiving and they are renting a condo where both families will join together for a Thanksgiving dinner. Since this is a vacation rental I do not want to spend lots of time and money decorating but yet I want the occasion to feel festive and cozy. This led me to think of some budget friendly projects inspired by natural elements and I was so excited with what I have come up with. Using some of the supplies and natural elements listed below, I plan to make a beautiful natural tablescape as well as some pumpkin and apple candle holders. Gather some ideas for yourself with this list of 15 natural elements for fall decorating as well as budget friendly supplies and DIY project tutorials!

15 Natural Fall Décor Elements

1. Pumpkins

2. Applies

3. Acorns

4. Wheat

5. Leaves

6. Cinnamon Sticks, Cloves, Star Anise

7. Grapevine

8. Corn Husks And Corn Cobs

9. Pussy Willow Stems

10. Greenery (Succulents, Kale, Herbs)

11. Oranges

12. Figs

13. Acorns

14. Naturally Shed Antlers

15. Turnips

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Budget friendly fall decor DIY ideas. These autumn decorations feature natural elements that can be found outdoors!

Pair With Budget Friendly Supplies For DIY Decor

- Acrylic Paint

- Glitter

- Twine

- Marker Pens

- Votive Carver

- Mason Jars

- Floral Wire

- Wire Cutters

- Spray Glue/Adhesive

10 DIY Natural Fall Décor Projects


I love how edgy and unique this simple décor project is. All you need are some oranges, twine, and spices such as cloves or even star anise. These would look great in a bowl or vase as a table centerpiece and the smell would be amazing!

Apple and Pumpkin Candle Holders

I actually made some of these tea light holders with turnips the first year after my husband and I got married and hosted Thanksgiving at our home. They turned out really cute and were super easy to make. I plan to do this with both pumpkins and apples this year!

Budget friendly fall decor DIY ideas. These autumn decorations feature natural elements that can be found outdoors!

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar

I love the look and fall feel of this autumn leaf DIY. The leaves appear to give off a fall glow that is simply magical looking! The tutorial states that the creator had a hard time with using natural leaves but I believe that using the leaves on the outside of the jar and not the inside and perhaps using spray adhesive instead of Mod Podge will work well for natural leaves!

Glitter Acorns

This is one that I know my girls would love because, who doesn’t love glitter!!?? The idea is simple enough, but put inside a clear vase or bowl and you have instant, professional looking décor!

Pumpkin Vase

That’s right, use those pumpkins as a holder for a floral arrangement! Hollow out the pumpkin add, soil and your choice of blooms and that’s it! Set out on the front porch or as a table centerpiece and you have flowers that will steal the show!

Falling Leaves Garland

Something so simple yet gives off a trendy rustic and minimalist vibe. The addition of glitter takes this simple garland up to the next level! The tutorial states for you to use artificial leaves however I think you could certainly use natural leaves just use spray adhesive as opposed to glue and be very careful making the hole to thread through as the natural leaves will likely be a bit dry and brittle.

Acorn Vase

I love the texture and rustic look of this vase. The best part is that, if done carefully, this may be something that will last for several seasons! Just make sure to heat up the acorns to kill any bugs as suggested in the tutorial so you don’t bring any microscopic critters indoors!

Fall Wreath With Dried Grass

If I had a little more time this season this would be a fun DIY to do that can last season to season. The tutorial does call for faux flowers but I would say some fresh or preserved flowers would look even better!

Corn Candle Holder

I am not sure why, but I have never really considered using corn in fall décor but the look of this holder/vase is so cool! Admittedly, I am thinking the hardest part might be finding the Indian corn in these beautiful colors. Either way, this is a simple DIY that delivers a stunning result!

Natural Elements Tablescapes

My favorite DIY décor of the bunch, place together striking natural elements including pumpkins, greens, herbs, flowers, fruit, leaves and more to make a gorgeous table centerpiece. I will be doing this at our family Thanksgiving and already am planning on what to use. Some great inspiration can also be found in this gorgeous garden inspired set up, this magical topiary centerpiece, this luscious centerpiece which puts the spotlight on apples, and this simple yet stunning white pumpkin classic.

I hope this post has left you with inspiration to make your own fall decor the “natural” way using elements from your own backyard (or local nursery)! If you find yourself inspired to create, be sure to tag me on social media @coloryourhealth I would love you see what you come up with!! Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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