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What Should I Diffuse At Bedtime? 9 Essential Oils For Sleep And Calm

What Should I Diffuse At Bedtime? 9 Essential Oils For Sleep And Calm

Essential oils have been getting a lot of buzz lately, promising to help with everything from  helping you lose weight to curing diabetes.  Now, I am not here to confirm nor deny those types of claims... but in my mind Essential oils are not a magic fix for anything, but they are certainly helpful if used with the appropriate intentions.  If you read my first post ever HERE you know that I originally got into using essential oils at a time when all I wanted for me and my family was SLEEP.  Just some good, uninterrupted, quality sleep... not too much to ask, right!?  Well my daughters definitely had different ideas in mind at the time but our use of essential oils definitely helped at least with putting us into the right start.  They did not fix our sleep problem completely by any means, but they did help my girls to wind down and get ready for sleep a bit better, and it certainly helped me to sleep very deep and well in those periods of time when I actually got some sleep!  

We still diffuse oils at night to this day and my girls even ask for them because it makes them feel calm and relaxed at night time.  Today I will share with you some of my favorite oils to help you and your children wind down at the end of the day and produce a relaxing environment in which you can sleep soundly.  I find the best way to do this is to diffuse 3-5 drops in your diffuser in your bedroom, or you can also make a roller bottle or dropper bottle of a diluted mixture.  Don’t worry, I’ll also share with you a few of my favorite roller ball blends and diffuser blends for sleep so you already have something prepared for those times of need!  Hope these help to bring restorative sleep to your home!!

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Also, just FYI - I started writing this post way back in 2017 and then I guess I sort of forgot about it…. not like I had anything going these last few years or anything LOL! But let’s turn this into an inspirational learning moment - so moral of the story, it’s never too late to finish something you started!

The 10 Best Essential Oils For Calming Down And Sleeping


Roman Chamomile  


Blue Tansy






Essential Oil Rolling Bottle Blends For Calm And Sleep

These essential oil roller ball recipes contain between 20 - 30 drops for a 10 ml bottle which means about a 10-15% dilution. If you plan to use these for children I recommend using half the amount suggested here, so 10-15 drops total and I would recommend not using roller ball blends on infants.

My favorite roller bottles are shown below plus this awesome package comes with mini funnels and removal key which are both super helpful when filling up the roller bottles.

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends For Calm And Sleep

Diffusing is one of my favorite ways to wind down my family and I after a long day. I am not kidding when I say I sleep much more soundly with the diffuser running. Plus, it also acts as a bit of a humidifier so it is very helpful in the wintertime to prevent a dry throat at night! Two of my favorite essential oil diffusers are shown below, and they are both under $20!

Side Note: For best performance (AKA best scent power) I recommend cleaning your diffuser weekly, and this is the method I use for doing so - super easy!

Essential Oil Bottled Dilutions For Calm And Sleep

For single bottle dilutions just choose any one or mixture of oils that you like and dilute with carrier oil (fractionated coocnut oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil) until you get the percentage dilution you want. Here is a guide for what both a 2% and 5% dilution would look like for different sized dropped bottles. I would recommend a 1% dilution (half the amount of drops as noted on this chart for the 2% version) for young children. Making dilutions is best when you want to apply your scent directly to your body in various areas. I like to put my dilutions in a dropper bottle since I will usually apply them on the soles of my feet and wrists and I find this the easiest method to do so. My favorite dropper bottles are shown below!

And now, please go get yourself some rest and relaxation!

An essential oil dilution guide for use of aromatherapy on the body.
Plumeria Blooms: A DIY Fragrance Oil Perfume

Plumeria Blooms: A DIY Fragrance Oil Perfume

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