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How One Door Opened So Many Others

How One Door Opened So Many Others

So if you have read about me, you will know my healthy living quest really started to kick into gear once I became a mother.  I'm sure there are many of you out there, like me, that scrutinized and researched over every single decision made when it came to your new little ones. What diapers? What wipes? What shampoo? Why do they cry so much? Why do they not sleep? When will life ever be normal again? Okay, joking on a few of those (sort of), but I really did research one day when I could expect life to get "normal" again. Well, had I known then what I know now, I would not have been as anxious and worried.

My life was forever changed after my babies came along, but the new "normal" is so much better than before. In more ways than just getting more sleep and getting to socialize with friends again LOL. My new normal is coming home to squeals and hugs from little arms and watching two humans learn and grow at lightening speed before my very eyes. But my new normal is also one of a much healthier standard of living since I have a family that depends on me in so many ways. 

These doors to health all began to open with the birth of my girls but continued to open all around me once I discovered essential oils. Weird but true, once I found myself delving into the world of essential oils it's like a switch went on in my mind and I thought, why can't the other aspects of my life encompass the natural living features that my oils do?  This way of thinking led to replacing cleaning products, replacing my beloved scented home candles, replacing my skin care and beauty products, replacing my whole thought process of buying household items. But this way of thinking also led to more. It led to me eliminating excess sugars in my diet (which I will tell you was never something I thought I would be able to do), eating fresher and healthier foods, and exercising on a more regular basis. 

Trust me, I am about the last person on Earth that would have ever thought I would become a proponent for natural living.  Anything with a colorful bottle or label gets my attention faster than my little rascals running for the hills when I tell them it's bedtime. Ingredients were usually about the last thing (if at all) that I would look at when buying something. If it looked good and smelled good it was coming home with me. 

Fast forward to my introduction to essential oils. This came at a time in my life of desperation. Desperation FOR SLEEP.  I had two 18 month old girls that just could not fall asleep or stay asleep. I kid you not, we tried everything. If you or your product was on the internet promising beautiful, peaceful, toddler sleep, well then you had my money.   I was weary of trying yet another thing and wasting money so I was just buying a few oils at a time at regular price. Sleep got better for various reasons but no doubt the oils had a hand in it. After a while I found myself encountering other problems in life and turning to oils to see if they could help, and they did! At this point I was hooked.  I signed up to be a wholesale member, got my starter kit in the mail, and haven't looked back.


Do essential oils intrigue you? Do you want to see the potential they have in store for you and your family?  Does clean eating and making your own household products appeal to you? Well this is just the beginning, so much more information come! Follow along with me for fun and pretty ways to take on healthy living!


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