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Popular And Effective: 10 Lush Must Haves

Popular And Effective: 10 Lush Must Haves

 Any Lush fans out there??  I definitely have a weakness for this store and their amazing products.  To be 100% transparent, there are ingredients that LUSH uses in their products that I am not totally on board with (such as SLS), but for the most part their products are pretty natural and devoid of excess chemicals.  They use essential oils to fragrance their products and you all know what a fan of essential oils I am!!  So for those reasons I still use and love their products but still try and make my own as much as possible.  For me, LUSH is great when I want to splurge a little bit or for a nice gift for someone.  And with that, here are my top 10 Lush must haves... that aren't their iconic bath bombs (because that would be a list all its' own LOL).

1. Sleepy Body Lotion

This lotion is like comfort in a jar.  The lotion is thick and luxurious and has the soothing scents combination of lavender and Tonka.  Add to that body nourishing ingredients like  cocoa butter and almond oil and you have a comforting and moisturizing lotion.  I always feel instantly much calmer after applying and I use it on myself and and my girls before bedtime when we need an extra dose of calm. 

2. Aromaco Deodorant Bar

I have been all over the place searching for an effective all natural deodorant and finally found a winner in this bar.  It is a solid that warms on skin contact, a few swipes across the under arm area and you are fresh, clean, and protected for the day!  The bar contains ingredients like witch hazel and chamomile vinegar to eliminate odorous bacteria while patchouli oil leaves the area smelling fresh.  I use this every morning and evening and have had great success so far. 

3. The Greench Deodorant Powder

I explained to my helpful Lush consultant that my biggest fear/discouragement in using an all natural deodorant was the fact that I feel that they are ineffective when they are most needed such as in periods of excessive physical activity.  She recommended this powder in addition to the Aromaco deodorant bar to use during those times of excess perspiration.  This powder I keep in my purse and when I feel I need a boost of freshness I apply a dime sized amount into my plans and then rub it into place.  Can be a little messy if you are not careful but it is certainly effective.  It alleviate any dampness from perspiration whole the combination of thyme, rosemary, and the tree scents leave me smelling nice and fresh. 

4. Volcano Foot Mask

I discovered this one recently during the process of moving.  I saw the title and it sounded nice as my feet had been aching from packing and moving boxes.  I am so glad that I bought this because it was pure heaven on my feet.  It is a clay based mask with additional ingredients such as papaya, lemon, and tomatoes to help cleanse and deodorize your feet.  The cinnamon in the mask will add a tingling sensation while you sit back and relax with your feet up.  When ya time to wash off the mask, the pumice will allow a gentle exfoliation of any dry skin and debris. I often do my own pedicures at home and this is a nice addition to add some luxury to the process.  My feet feel soft and refreshed after this one!

Lush has an amazing line up of natural and chemical free bath and body products, these are 10 of my favorites that are all effective and wildly popular!

When I first used this shampoo bar I was new to shampoo in this form and I was skeptical.  In my mind I pictured minimal lather and greasy feeling hair.  Much to my surprise the lather is abundant and my hair always feels squeaky clean afterwards.  A blend of seaweed provides softness to hair while sea salt adds volume and lemon for shine.  This one bar has it all!

The smell of this product alone had me won over from the start.  The smell of jasmine is such an uplifting smell to me and the fragrance lingers in my hair all day long.  This is a great product to use once your hair is dry to control flyaways/frizziness and add moisture back to your dry ends.  This is going to be perfect for those summer days after being out in the sun!

7. Cup O' Coffee Face & Body Mask

Need a little pick me up?  This mask is an awakening and energizing experience.  Leave this clay based mask on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse away, using the coffee grounds to exfoliate your skin removing grime and dead skin cells!  Your skin will not only feel soft and refreshed afterwards, but alive as well!

8. Angels On Bare Skin Face & Body Cleanser

One of Lush’s best selling products is this face cleanser.  The cleanser is clay based with added ground almonds and lavender buds for gentle exfoliation.  A small bit mixed with tiny bit of water and rubbed onto your face will get your face clean and exfoliated without using any harsh chemicals.  Add to this the fragrance of lavender, rose, and chamomile and you have a very luxurious and calming experience!

9.  Self- Preserving Dream Cream Body Lotion

As some of you may be aware, I have searched high and low and even created products of my own to deal with my girls itchy and dry skin.  When we recently moved I did not have the time nor the equipment accessible to remake their lotion so I was in need of a store bought one and automatically my mind drifted towards Lush.  This lotion is very soothing and moisturizing due to the cocoa butter, olive oil, and oat milk components.  Best of all, this lotion is self preserving, meaning no synthetic preservatives so it is great for even the most sensitive skin!

10.  Big Shampoo

And last but certainly not least (in fact, I should move it up to number 1 LOL), this amazing volumizing shampoo.  I have an abundance of thick hair so I have never been one to have extremely flat hair but I like to get as much volume as I can on the occasions when I get dressed up and go out.  This product delivers on the volume due to the high content of seas salt and is also super nourishing due to the seaweed and coconut oil.  As an added bonus my hair is always shiny and smelling wonderful after a wash with this shampoo, truly amazing!

This concludes the 10 must have Lush products, but to be honest, there are many more great ones out there.  If you all enjoy this let me know and I can 

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