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My Unbiased Beauty Counter Review: Rejuvenating Night Cream

My Unbiased Beauty Counter Review: Rejuvenating Night Cream

Well here it finally is, my first review in my series of honest Beauty Counter reviews.  I feel like this company has really started to take off lately and consultants are starting to pop up everywhere over social media so I had been intrigued for a while to try out there products.  I hesitated trying Beauty Counter for about a year as I was just leery of the MLM style of the company and really questioned if the products were truly worth the money or if the high prices were used to provide enough profit to pay those who sell the product.  Well after watching the way the company worked for a while and reading more about it, I decided that the values of the company were right in line with mine and I wanted to give some of their products a try. 

At this time I am not a Beauty Counter consultant , I honestly don’t know if I ever will be, but I will say that I am pleased that I made the choice to try them out.  I have purchased several products from them now (body care, skin care, makeup) and have had a few months to test it all out so now I will begin my series of reviews on what I have tried.  While I haven’t been head over heels for it all, I have thoroughly enjoyed quite a few of their products and I’ll be sure to walk you through the details of it all!  If there is a certain product you would like me to review, or a specific question you have, please always comment or email me and I will try my best to help - bottom line is I want EVERYONE using and loving clean beauty products and and I want to help change the current state of the beauty industry, no matter what brand of product - the more options, the better!

  • Please note - this review is my honest opinion about a product that I purchased with my own money. No affiliate links are included in this post.

Beauty Counter Rejuvenating Night Cream Review

Key Ingredients

Chamomile Oil, Rose Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Calendula Extract

Product Claims

This product promises reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, an increase in skin firmness and elasticity, and an increase in skin hydration and smoothness

First Impression

The first evening I used this, I opened the jar and went to apply the product and immediately was a little deflated.  I am prone to very dry skin and to me, the title “Rejuvenating” meant that this cream would be very thick and hydrating.  In my opinion, the product is not very thick at all and would be considered more of a lotion than a cream.  I applied it nonetheless, the product soaked right in (it is not greasy or thick whatsoever) and I went to bed feeling underwhelmed.  So there it is, my honest first impression LOL.

Does It Work? My Personal Results

After the first night of use I was actually surprised to wake up with softer, smoother feeling skin.  Now, it did not feel overly moisturized by any means, but it certainly did not feel dry - and definitely felt very SMOOTH.  I have been using the cream nightly for over a month now I actually quite like it.  My skin craves it in a subconscious way before bed because I have noticed that it instantly calms my skin.  With that said, I should mention that I do not have acne or rosacea and am not necessarily prone to breakouts, but when I say that it calms my skin it truly does!  I feel an instant relief from itchiness, dryness, or irritation that most of the time I am not even aware that I have until I put the cream on - so this is both interesting and impressive to me.  Since I do not have many fine lines and wrinkles at this time I can not truly attest to these benefits but I will say that my skin does feel tighter overall and I would venture to guess that the elasticity is improved although it is hard to tell visually if that is the case.

Overall Thoughts

Overall I would say this is a fantastic product and does much of what it claims to.  My two biggest results from this cream would be smoother skin and calmer skin.  Only two things to note in my overall thoughts here: the first is that I truly can not evaluate for the effectiveness of fine lines and wrinkles as I do not really have those at this time.  The second thing is that the product is a bit costly so that is an important factor to consider.

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Who Should Buy This

I believe this product will serve best people that are 30 years old and older with developing “mature” skin.  I believe that it can really help keep your skin looking younger longer and act as a sort of preventative measure for skin aging.  I also believe it would be awesome for new moms as I remember after giving birth my hormones were so out of wack that it really dried and dulled my skin quite a bit.  I believe this would help calm the skin in this situation and get the skin looking revitalized quicker!  I don’t believe this is a necessary product for use in the younger years as you would likely not perceive as many benefits which would make the cost not particularly worth it.

Do I Recommend It

I would absolutely recommend the Rejuvenating Night Cream!

Will I Repurchase It

I do plan to repurchase this product and continue to use it on a nightly basis.  So far this product has lasted me about 2 months of continued use and I am only about halfway through the jar.


This product costs $75 for 1.5 fl.oz.

You can shop the product directly on their site or with any Beauty Counter consultant!

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