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Petit Vour Beauty Subscription Box: February Review

Petit Vour Beauty Subscription Box: February Review

Well hello clean beauty lovers! I want to start out this month’s Petit Vour review by letting you all know a little bit more about this subscription box and why I choose to continue receiving it over a year later! I switched to clean beauty over two years ago, and since that time I have learned a whole wealth of information about products and brands that I love and that work for me…. yet I am still learning and discovering every single day. I now have several “staple” items that I use daily, and they are all from various brands. I have not yet found one brand that has every single thing that I want and need, so I continue searching and carving out a routine based on products that I try and work for me and if you are new to your clean living journey (or even if you’ve been doing this for a while), I invite you to do the same.

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With that said, I love the Petit Vour beauty box because I get to try out new products every single month, while some certainly don’t work or don’t “stick” to my everyday routine, there are several others that I find that I love and I never would have discovered them without this box. And as clean beauty continues to take off around the world, I guarantee you that new brands, products, and formulations of products will continue flooding the market and I want to be able to try the best ones out as they do. And that’s just what Petit Vour is all about… choosing and selling only the top tier, and top performing products in the non toxic beauty industry. So, if you want to hear a little more about the monthly subscription beauty box from Petit Vour, check them out and then come back and read about my thoughts for this previous month’s box - and if you want more check out my other monthly reviews!

EIR NYC Tough Love Cuticle Balm

Truth: I’m bad about using cuticle calm. Don’t get me wrong, based on how my hands look (and as a healthcare provider that washes my hands several times a day), I SHOULD be using this type of product at least daily. But typically I forget by the end of the day and also am guilty of not keeping on hand in a convenient place. Upon receiving this particular one I set it right next to my bed and tried to remember to use it every night before bed. On the nights when I remembered (which was more often than I thought it would be!), it instantly made my fingers feel much better and my fingers felt incredibly soft in the morning due to the primary ingredients of coconut oil and shea butter and Vitamin E. I also noticed less hangnails which I am very prone to due to my dry hands, likely due to the fact that the product contains Neem oil which has antiseptic properties. I also love how this product can be used for other areas like dry elbows, feet etc. Bottom Line: An awesomely moisturizing cuticle balm for those smart ladies that use a cuticle cream routinely.

Cost: $12 for .5 oz

Formulary 55 Sea Mineral Foot Soak

I’ve actually featured this product before in my natural beauty spa gift basket and absolutely love this for a relaxing at home pedicure. The sodium bicarbonate and citric acid produce a small invigorating fizz once added to the water, and the scents of eucalyptus and peppermint are simultaneously relaxing and uplifting. This is perfect to do before a special occasion or event…. or even on a Friday night after a long work week! *** Edited to add: I recently used this in the bathtub as I had misplaced my plastic basin that I have used in the past for this foot soak. I still love this product but DO NOT recommend using it in the bath…. it left a black film (from the sea salt) along the rim of the tub that took a lot of scrubbing to remove…. leaving me less than relaxed LOL. Use a little foot basin for this one if possible!***** Bottom Line: Perfect for creating a luxurious, spa type pedicure treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Cost: $7 for 1.5 oz.

Shamanuti Seaweed Toner

The primary ingredients, aloe and kelp, allow this toner to be highly moisturizing all well helping to balance out the skin’s pH and tighten pores. Honestly, I don’t use toner too often (bad beauty expert here) but when I do, I primarily use it to remove any excess makeup when necessary or as a mist to set my makeup which this can do both of. The only drawback to this product is that, for me, I felt that the delivery was more of an aggressive spray rather than a fine mist… but otherwise the contents themselves are great and this toner is a good choice! Bottom Line: Great for those with dry, unbalanced skin in need of a good moisture quench.

Cost: $10 for 1 oz. or $28 for 4 oz.

Antonym Cosmetics Waterproof Eye Pencil

This one was definitely my favorite item in the box as I have yet to try a non toxic eye pencil (though I use eye makeup seldomly) that does not smear. Upon the first application, my impression was that it went on very smooth and the color was highly pigmented. I made a little error and, due to its high oil content, the product was easy to wipe away in the area that I needed to. But the great thing is, it did stay put for the full day! In full transparency, it did smudge a bit when I rubbed my eyes but this was my own fault and I’m sure many eyeliners are guilty of this. For me, this eyeliner is a keeper, and can I get a whoop-whoop for the fact that there is a built in sharpened in the cap!? Bottom Line: Reasonably priced, non toxic and stays put, what more can you ask for!?

Cost: $19

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