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DIY Bathtub Cleaner Recipe That Will Make Your Tub Shine

DIY Bathtub Cleaner Recipe That Will Make Your Tub Shine

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Call me crazy, but one of my favorite chores as a child was cleaning the bathtub.  I loved taking it from dingy and dull looking to sparkling and smooth with my hard work.  Back in that time of my life I was using those common household bathtub cleaners that smelled strong and usually left me with a slight headache.  I knew once I has a bathtub of my own to clean I would need to find something different to replace these products.  And find I did!  With a few simple ingredients and some added essential oils for extra cleaning powder and pleasant scent, I created a simple cleaner that can be used on bathtubs, sinks, toilets, anywhere that you would use a soft scrub cleaner this can be used!  The recipe itself is in a thick paste form and with the addition of a small amount of water this mixture spreads evenly on surfaces and provides some great cleaning power, hope you all enjoy it!

Ingredients and Supplies Needed

1/2 Cup Baking Soda

1 Tbsp Castile Soap

1 Tsp Hydrogen Peroxide

5 Drops Citrus Fresh Essential Oil

5 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

Mixing Container (I used a small enamel pot)

Measuring Spoons

DIY All Natural Bathtub Cleaner

DIY Bathtub Cleaner Recipe

Mix together all ingredients with the exception of the essential oils together in your container.  This should have a slightly runny paste consistency.  Now add the drops of essential oils and stir again.  To clean your desired surface you will simply spoon generously on the surface and add a little water via faucet or a spray bottle, smooth evenly over the surface, and scrub the area clean. Once you are finished scrubbing you will then pour water over the area as you smooth out all the cleaning product with your hand and down the drain, assuming you are cleaning a sink or bathtub, this will remove all the dirt and grime you scrubbed off as well as the cleaning product itself.  You  should be left with a sparkling clean surface!  This recipe should be enough to cover an entire bathtub or 2-3 sinks.  Happy cleaning!

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