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Petit Vour Beauty Subscription Box: November Review

Petit Vour Beauty Subscription Box: November Review

Well hellllooo there beauty lovers! I am returning my Petit Vour Beauty Box reviews to my blog starting with this month! The last few months I was trying out my reviews video style on my Instagram page using IGTV, I found that while I was able to reach a new audience this way, I was not able to capture a lot of my blog audience on that platform - so moving forward you can find my reviews on both the blog and my IGTV (and perhaps YouTube as well, I am toying with the idea)! If anyone is new to the blog, I review the Petit Vour monthly beauty box and give my honest opinion after trying out the products, you can read more about the subscription box itself (and get 50% off your first box using code GIFTNOW) by going to their website. Now, let me show you the four goodies that were in this month’s box! PS- if you prefer videos, scroll to the end for my video review!

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Donore Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Pod (In Shade Tiger Melon)

So let me start by saying that when I first opened my box I kind of wrote this product off because the color looked a bit orange to me and I’ve never truly been a fan of lip/cheek duos for some reason. But since I always wrote reviews after trying the products I knew that I needed to try it, and I am SO glad that I did! The product is very soft and sheer, almost like a lip balm and so it blends into lips and cheeks effortlessly, plus the addition of shea butter to the product means that it also moisturizes cheeks and lips! And I was delighted to see that the color came out to a soft pink and not orange at all, and even though the coverage begins out sheer, it is buildable to almost any desired depth of color and the product comes in 5 shades! This product would be super convenient for carrying in your purse for a quick refresher of your look after work or at lunchtime, before a meeting etc!

Cost: $22

My Daughter Fragrances Joyful Perfume

This perfume is one of my absolute favorites and I have actually purchased this prior to receiving in this past month’s box so I was really excited to see it included! Some of my most favorite scents are combined in this awesome perfume including jasmine and sandalwood - plus notes of rose, orange blossom, lime which all blend in for one bright and cheery perfume! The perfect combination of floral and fruity, this perfume not only smells amazing but is a non toxic version of typical perfumes (phthalate, paraben, colorant, and cruelty free)!

Cost: $2 for a sample size of 1 mL or $85 for 1.78 Fl Oz

EVOLVh Ultimate Styling Lotion

Now, let me admit - as I have before, that I truly don’t have time to style my hair often. Majority of my days I wake up and wrap my hair up into a bun and call it good. So I am not necessarily a good judge of hair styling products but when I do get the time to do my hair I certainly want it to look as good as possible since I don’t do it often, so I do enjoy using styling products when I get the chance. I would have to say that my biggest complaint about my hair is the numerous flyways and frizzies that I always tend to have around my face no matter the weather (although it is definitely worse in humid weather). Even with styling my hair (using a curling wand or hair straightener) I still have the flyways - so I am always on the lookout for a product that will help with this. This styling lotion did really help in this aspect for me. I applied it to my hair before straightening (my hair was dry) - I applied a small amount at the roots and more at the mid-ends of my hair, then combed through before ironing. The result was shiny and smooth hair that I was thrilled with! I can not speak to the volume or curl definition properties of this product as my hair naturally has tons of volume with no curl to it - but if you check out the website you will see plenty of reviews of customers saying how this product has been working wonderfully for them as well! Now, if I could just get more time on my hands to style my hair!

Cost: $11 for 2 oz. and $28 for 8.5 oz.

Metta Skincare Comforting Hand Balm

Never have I been more excited to see a hand balm in my box than at winter time! Like most Americans, the weather lately has left my hands extremely dry, add to that my constantly washing my hands due to my profession as a healthcare worker and a hand cream is always on my list of needs! I honestly have several that I love yet this new one here was no exception, I loved it at first use. It is thick but blends into the skin easily, the texture of thick icing or cookie batter that just melts into your skin. The ingredient list includes soothing and moisturizing shea butter, olive oil, and calendula extract that soothe skin irritations while they nourish. The perfect stocking stuffer or little luxury for anyone this holiday season!

Cost: $22 for 60 mL

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