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My Top Five Favorites: March

My Top Five Favorites: March

I have started this fun, new series on the blog of my top five favorites for the month, and it seems you all have enjoyed reading the last one so let's keep it going!  So here you go, 5 things I have really been loving on in the month of March!

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Slim Line Hangers

This has to go as number one simply because of the amount of anxiety and stress it has taken off of my shoulders this past month.  Many of you may already know of the existence of these hangers, I did as well, but never fully appreciated their ability to save space until now.  You see, the closets in California (at least on our budget LOL) are substantially smaller than our closets here in Kansas.  And we have 3 closets full of clothing right now, planning to move this into 2 much smaller closets has been a nightmare for my Type A, OCD self!  We first went through and gave a ton of clothing away to Goodwill but were still left with way too much to house at our new home.  Enter these slimline hangers, and wow, what a game changer!  Without having to part with anymore clothes we are now able to fit what we want to in our new closet with it taking up only 1/2 of the space than it did with our wooden hangers!  Now.... if someone could just give me a space saving idea for the shoes we would be all set!

Athleta Carefree Dress

I bought this dress last minute before our recent trip to California and man, oh man, am I glad that I did.  It was a little pricier than I typically like (although it's currently on sale now!!)  to spend but when I tried it on in the store it fit so great and was so comfortable that I just couldn't resist!  In California I wore it on a day trip to Catalina Island and it was the perfect piece for travel- so lightweight, comfortable, and stylish all at the same time!  My only complaint is that I wish they made it in more colors!!

Avocado Oil

This is my latest obsession in the realm of DIY beauty products.  This oil is so amazing and I was not even familiar with avocado oil until recently.  Not only is avocado a healthy oil to cook with, but it is super moisturizing due to its high content of healthy fats and vitamins A&E.  It has also been shown to have great health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol while helping to maintain a healthy heart!  It is a bit pricier than other standard oils such as olive and coconut, but to me it is a far superior product and the products I have been making (lotions and creams) with it have proven this!  Side Note- Make sure that you purchase a cooking grade oil (as opposed to external use only types) if you intend to use for cooking!

Glass Working Jars

I have always been a fan of these jars but thought I would share with you here because I have been using them a lot more this month.  I use these jars to store extra sauce (think marinara and pesto) in the freezer when I make up a large batch, and I also use them to store our morning breakfasts that I make the night before (think overnight oats and chia seed pudding).  They are so convenient to grab on the go in the morning and take to work because the lid fits securely so I just throw them in my purse and I'm off.  These are a great addition to any family that is trying to eat healthy!

Felt Letter Board

No matter how driven we are, there are days when we can all use a little motivation, am I right!!?  I use these boards often on my Instagram feed, but I also like them to keep around with motivational quotes because sometimes just seeing inspiring words (and bright colors) is what I need to put a pep back in my step!

And with that, let's bring on April...but hopefully more flowers than showers!!


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