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The 5 Best Essential Oil Diffusers (And They’re Under $20!)

The 5 Best Essential Oil Diffusers (And They’re Under $20!)

Can I be honest about something with you all??  I have learned the hard way that paying for pricey diffusers is just not necessary!  Some of you may have read about or know about my journey with essential and oils and with Young Living, but if you don’t let me just summarize for a second.  I love essential oils and I love Young Living products -  but I DO NOT love Young Living PRICES (or any other MLM brand for that matter) and I know you all don’t either.  I do believe that they sell high quality products and in doing such feel the need to raise their prices, however; at this point in my life their products are much too expensive.  There was once upon a time when I had excess income and during that time I bought 5 diffusers through Young Living for the various rooms in my home.  Well these diffusers were all very costly and I could not afford those when it recently came time to purchase diffusers for our dental office.  After doing a lot of research, personally testing diffusers, and scouring through thousands of online reviews I came up with five options, all under $20 (please don’t hold me to this as Amazon is known for changing their prices LOL)!!! 

Read on to see what diffuser fits you best- there is no wrong answer as all are effective and budget friendly!  In fact, at such a good price you can afford to equip every room in your home and buy extras for gifts (this would be such great Christmas gift combined with a few oils!)!

Some links in this post are affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission if you purchase through the link provided. It is not necessary to shop through my links but if you do THANK YOU for your support of me and my blog!  See Disclosure For More Details

1. URPOWER 130 mL Woodgrain Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser $18.99


Small Footprint  (I Was So Excited To Find That I Could Now Fit Much More On My Bedside Table!)

Effective & Quiet  

Low/Non- Distracting Colored Light Output


Only 130 mL (Continuous Running Time Of Only 3-4 Hours)

Only 2 Settings (Continuous or Intermittent)

Small Size So Not A Décor Or Statement Piece

Top 50 Best Selling Essential Oils - ALWAYS Free Shipping in U.S!

2. Innogear 2nd Version 100 mL Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser $15.99


Highly Rated (Over 13,000 Reviews) On Amazon 

Can Run 7-9 Hours Continuously (9-11 Hours On Intermittent Mode)

BPA Free Construction (Most Diffusers Are Nowadays, But This Product Mentions It Specifically)


Color Mode Options Are Bright (this could be seen as a plus if you are doubling it as a nightlight) Note: The light can be turned off altogether  

Only Holds 100 mL

Very Basic Look and Design, Not A Decor Piece  

3. Innogear 200 mL Wood Grain Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser $19.99


Larger, 200 mL Capacity  

Nice, Modern Esthetic

4 timers settings: 1hr, 3hr, 6 hr, steady on

Adjustable Mist Output (Strong vs. Weak) 

7 Colors Of Lighting With Dim vs. Bright Option


Emits Loud Beeping Sound When It Shuts Off (May Be A Concern When Using At Nighttime)

Although Higher Capacity, This Diffuser Does Not Seem To Cover A Large Amount Of Square Footage - Best For Smaller Rooms)

After scouring the reviews and personally testing out products, I have found the 5 best essential oil diffuser products from Amazon! I’ll show you why you don't need to shell out the big bucks for a name brand diffuser after all!

 4.  Zookki 450 mL Essential Oil Diffuser $16.49 


Very Large, 450 mL Capacity  

Maximum Output Time of 24 Hours (On Intermittent Mode)

Can Cover 300 (Or More) Square Feet Of Space


Basic Design, Not A Decor Piece  

Only 90 Day Warranty

Due To Larger Water Capacity, Any Remaining Water Not Used Can Begin To Mildew If Left In The Diffuser

Light Can Be Too Bright With It Being A Larger Sized Diffuser With Full Light Display (Note That There Is An Option For No Light At All)

5. Diffuserlove 550mL Ultrasonic Diffuser With Remote Control $19.99


Large, 550 mL Capacity

Remote Control Included So You Can Control The Diffuser From Across The Room!

Beautiful, Unique Design & Esthetic

Up To 14 Hours Of Continuous Output

Multiple Timer/Mist Mode/ Light Options

Two Year Warranty


Detectable Noise Emitted (Not Distracting But Also Not Silent When In Operation)

Although Large Capacity, Mist Emission Is Low So Best Suited For Smaller Rooms

As you can see here there are plenty of options for an effective, inexpensive essential oil diffuser. These are my top 5 (and all from Amazon because, well, Amazon Prime is life LOL!). You can certainly find many more options under the $20 mark both on Amazon, and at other retailers such as Bed Bath and Beyond, or Walmart. You can also find many that are larger for under $30 within these same brands mentioned, it all just depends on the capacity you are looking for and the size of the room you are using it in to find the “Best” fit for you. Also, please note that while these diffusers are all very low in cost they are factory made (mostly overseas) and because of this there are always a handful that break down and stop working after a short period of time…. be sure to know the details on the warranty and don’t be hesitant to contact the company about it. After reading many, many reviews form these diffusers and their companies it seems that the companies are often more than willing to work with their customers as long as their customers take the time to reach out to them about the issue…. so be sure to save that paperwork/booklet that comes along with your diffuser!

Any other low cost essential oil diffusers that you love? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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