I always have people asking me about what I use for this and that and decided I should make a list of all the products that I find useful in different areas of my life.  What you will find here are things that I love and use on a regular basis, basically a "My Favorites List".  I will add to this list as I come across other products that I find and enjoy.  I am known to obsess and do research on almost anything that I buy and anything that I am passionate about.  Therefore, when I recommend something, it is has been fully vetted by me!  If you have any questions about the products listed here please let me know!

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Essential Oils & Natural Living

 Essential Oils and Natural Living Resources

Essential Oil Safety - I mention it a lot here, but as a healthcare provider I am someone who is very skeptical and cautious with alternative medicine.  When I first started using essential oils I researched and read far and wide regarding essential oil use and safety.  It wasn't until I stumbled across this book that I felt I had really discovered a resource that thoroughly covered essential oil safety.  This is an all encompassing textbook on essential oil safety, chemistry and effectiveness.  You will find the beginning chapters to be an introduction to what the oils are, how they work and things one should be cautious of.  The next few chapters go on to explain the chemistry behind the essential oil components.  The vast majority of the book is then essential oil profiles, in alphabetical order, which states what each oil is and safety recommendations, and possible side effects for each including a recommended maximum dose for each. I feel that this book is a must read for anyone that uses these oils in their homes.

Beauty and Personal Care Products - As I make a lot of my own products now, I have needed many bottles and containers to store these homemade creations in.  I like to use dark, all glass bottles for all of my products to protect the essential oils from degrading due to sunlight and to keep the mixtures pure.  I like these bottles for things with small increments like beauty products, I like these for cleaning products, I like these for sprays, and I like these for powders or creams.  I also adore these colorful roller bottles for my essential oil blend creations.

Container Store Labels - Since I have accumulated so many mixtures now, I find it very important that everything gets labeled right away so that I know what is what!  I went through so many labels but ended up liking these the best as they are colorful yet easily removable and have a very low cost!  The Container Store has several other label options though if this is not quite what you are looking for! For a person like me, this store is my idea of heaven!


Blogging Resources

MOZ Beginner's Guide To SEO - If you are just starting out blogging like I am, then I am sure your head is spinning with all of the knowledge you are forced to learn on a daily basis just to keep your blog running and growing.  One of the things I knew nothing about that I needed to learn was all things SEO.  I read this guide from start to finish over the course of a few weeks and it helped me to understand this topic tremendously while also helping me to make necessary changes to my blog posts to ensure that they were as optimizes as possible for search engines.  Give this a read, I have no doubt you will find the information helpful!

Traffic Transformation- 21 Strategies I Used To Go From 17K to 400K+ Monthly Page Views In 10 Months  - This is the first blogging resource book that I read and expanded my knowledge in the world of blogging so much that I am still implementing ideas that I learned 2 months later.  There are so many ideas and suggestions that Lena shares with readers in this easy to read Ebook that you are bound to find ones that work for you and your blog and in turn expand your blogging traffic. Click here to read more about this amazing resource.  Lena just went through an upgrade to her Ebook and it now contains 40% more content and includes a video on Google keyword research and much more!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing - This was the second "course" I took regarding blogging and I am so glad I did.  Now let me be clear, my reason for blogging has little to do with making money at this point, I have a career that I love, I do it because it is something that I enjoy.  With that said, blogging has taken up more time than I really even knew that I had, and it is nice to be compensated (or at least have the chance to be) for that time spent.  After going through the lessons in this course I became aware of what I needed to do to earn an income from my blog without splashing ads across my pride and joy blog. This helped in more ways than I can name, and I will say, hands down, was the best investment I have made thus far into my blog.  Michelle is a very successful blogger and business woman yet takes the time to welcome each new subscriber and will answer questions personally in a timely manner.  She is one heck of a person to have in your corner!  Head to the webpage here to learn more about this outstanding course.