Essential Oils


Are you ready to join?

If you are ready to start living the naturally fun, healthy life that you keep hearing all about, let's get to it!  Click here and fill out the requested information. Chose which kit and diffuser you would like to get you started!  Please know that you are not required to become a wholesale member, you may sign up as a retail member if that is your preference.  I would strongly encourage you to become a wholesale member however, you will save each time you purchase oils as compared to the retail price.  Just look for yourself at Young Living's available products and you will be able to determine your savings. Let me also assure you that in NO WAY are you required to sell Young Living products, sign up for Essential Rewards, or buy any sort of monthly minimum to maintain membership.  The only thing that is a must is that you spend $50 per year.  I can tell you that for three years I was a wholesale member with no intent to sell, I just wanted my oils at a discounted rate.  Well after three years of seeing what these oils have done for me and my family, I knew I had to get this information out to more people and give them the opportunity to discover these oils for themselves.  I am still not keen on "selling" these oils, this is why I will never pressure or hound anyone to sign up.  All I can say is that these little bottles are wonderful and life changing, but in the end you must do what feels right for you and your family. Once you sign up and start this journey with Young Living please email me at and introduce yourself so I can get to know you, answer any of your questions, and get you started on this awesome journey with some valuable information. I promise you will never look back!  Finally, I would like to add that 10% of any income that I make through the sale of essential oils will go to Hope For Justice and the work that they are doing to end human trafficking and slavery.  This is a far reaching epidemic that is so seldom discussed and needs to be.  I feel that any little bit of hope I can provide through donations or spreading the message makes a difference. 

* Side Note- Please follow the link above if you wish to signup.  If you signup via another route please use my number as the enroller ID: 3390062 . This will allow me to not only receive compensation, but to also be your sponsor throughout this process to help you answer questions and send you helpful information. 

*Side note- as of March 1, 2017, you are not required to enter your social security number when you sign up with Young Living as a member.  However, if you make over $600 in a calendar year or purchase over $5,000 in products with young living, you will automatically be subjected to a 28% tax witholding. Once you provide a social security number or tax ID number to Young Living the tax withholding will be removed and appropriate tax forms will be sent to you when necessary. The need for this personal information and issuing of taxes is a government and IRS requirement, not a Young Living mandate.